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Sandy Cheng, the team leader/ REALTOR with NEST Real Estate, is a single mom, and a first-generation immigrant from Taiwan. Formerly known as Sandy Stites, after almost a decade of building and leading one of the most successful real estate teams in the inland empire; Sandy’s moved on to join forces with the #1 real estate team from San Diego county.


“It is the unbeatable culture, systems, training, and the leadership’s focus in helping their agents AND clients build wealth through real estate that made me realize that is what I wanted for the peeps in my world.”


Sandy has always dreamt big. But now she has seen the light and found THE tribe to help people dream bigger.

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How I Can Help You

My passion is helping others. If I can do this, so can you. It starts with surrounding yourself with the right people. Hire a coach for accountability and join masterminds where you share ideas with likeminded business people. 

I host daily accountability calls, script training, and always willing to share all of my systems and process that have worked for me (and also my laundry list of what doesn't work). 

Always happy to help! Click below to schedule a call

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